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sport your spidy sense is exactly why no one gave him drawings and talked in generalizations.

Lets filter the post from House via Spidey Sense.

If you reveiw his posts, he never has talked about being a FFL dealer before with SOT.

Then he goes off board for 10yrs. All of a sudden he pops back into the NFA discussion section stating that he is FFL 07 , 03 SOT and 02 SOT and wants instructions on converting M16.

The FFL 07 goes with SOT type 2, but SOT type 3 goes with FFL 01 he never mentions having a second FFL 01, but he could have two locations, one dealer and one manuf. but there is seldom reason for this as the FFL 07 is a higher level license than the FFL01 he would need for the SOT type 3 and can do anything the FFL 01 can do and more so why have the duplication of the FFL-01.

When I got into this at first I was pummeled with questions if I would do off paper gun work. Was it really men wanting illegal gun work, or informants trying to trip up the new FFL. We will never know because I did not comply.

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