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Dave Scott,
I think Gunslinger hit on the real threat here...he mentioned Terri, you're right, Gunslinger, if my wife caught me in that parking lot with Diamond Gal...whooooeee! I'd have to have at least a vest on to take care of the CM hits that she'd be sending my way. Then I'd need a matching helmet and goggles to go with the vest because she'd be doing "El Presidente" drills on me until I go down or the gong sounds (as in falling plates).
She'd be laying down some serious firepower, so the two potential BG's would escape...afterall, who wants to take on a woman whose love has been scorned.?
Come on, guys, 'fess know the reaction when your girlfriend/wife has her eye on you and the ring through your nose...and some filly is trying to take you away from thing a man can do is step back out of the way where he can't get hurt by no stray weapons...when women fight there are no holds barred.
Then just let the womenfolks have at it. When the smoke clears...those of you who know your there any doubt who's going to be taking you home?,
Meanwhile, if the two guys are BG's they'd make their escape...nobody would like to stick around if they've ever seen a woman get mad and start firing.
If the guys are undercover LEO's...once all the firing starts, they'd be tactically smart and back off to call in the reinforcements. In this case, you grab your wife because she is totally focussed on the "housebreaker" and you make your escape.
How's that one? :
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