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I don't think anything is off topic in an open forum page, If you don't like the topic the last I checked you don’t have to answer it.  

TFL isn't an open forum. It's a forum dedicated to firearms and the ownership of same. 

If you don’t think you can answer it with a professional opinion then you don’t belong on any forum.  

Afully elitist of you, don't you think? 

If you can’t act appropriately or professionally then again you don’t belong on any forum.  

Indeed, and it is neither approriate, nor professional to enter private property and then gripe about the rules posted by the owner of that property.

A topic is a topic and I guess we need approval before we start topics.  

No need, just follow the rules you agreed to when you joined.

We got another big brother, this one tells us what we can and can’t say.  

Big Brother was an invention of George Orwell referring to an out-of-control government. Rich Lucibella is neither a government, nor out-of-control.

I trust this answers your questions and clarifies matters for you.


Yeah blalal Ok I think that we should have one because well some of the people here dont know what a fire arm is. What i mean by that is people who talk about there dogs and other things on here witch don't belong on here but you let them any way. But when i put a thread up that is more about firearms or something mine get closed and im never aloud to speek out on this. Also i have the felling that alot of you guys want to be D%@!s for no reason. So im fore have a area where we can talk about what we want.
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