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I was about to shell out $1k on a safe (after shipping and all that) when I decided to check Craig's List- If you are not familiar, it is like a big public bulletin board.
Great if you happen to live in or near a liberal hell-hole like seattle. :barf:
Anyway, I found a nice safe from 1906. Four to six inches of castable refactory/concrete all through it. I am planning on re-finishing it sometime in the near future. The previous owner never had the combination, so he just took the tumblers out and latched it. Took me about two hours to determine the combo. The previous owner just about crapped his pants when I told him. After all, I only bought it for $200
Dfaugh- Any idea what kind of rating this thing might be good for?

As to the vault idea, call some concrete companies. It would not be difficult to form one up, but it might be costly. I like the stash idea myself...

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