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Yeah we have built some...
easier to build it when you build the house but not always the way it goes.

do not forget to reinforce the ceiling, it is easy to see a dedicated burglar just cutting a hole in the floor and dropping into it

I also agree that making this room seem like nothing at all is a good idea. best one we built had a regular looking steel door that actually had a simple key knob but there was a big dead bolt that acted from the top and bottom and made the door nearly vault like. we covered the concrete walls with drywall and this room had seperate vents and light and phone. the room was finished inside like a Fine gun room, nice chairs etc but it was hell for stout., this guy had hunted africa and India and all over and had the money to do this right. funny thing once i had done this my name got around as someone who could do "gun" projects and i have been doing pretty good doing them ever since.
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