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Those who freaked out or immediately went to the gun tended to lose the situation. A normally non lethal situation may have been escalated, or a person who immediately went for their gun was shot by the bad guy who already had theirs ready.

Those who had some kind of plan, really any kind, or anything they knew they could do to survive, tended to do better by knowing what their options were rather than "Go for the gun and hope".
Dakota, those are Huge points. I recently went to a CPL class and I looked around the class and wondered why each person wanted to be there. I always wonder if folks think that because they are carrying, that's all they need is the gun. As we were instructed in the class, firing the weapon is the LAST line of defense. If so, then what is the first line, or second line?

Sorry, I am commenting here not having watched the video, and I will do that. I realize situations can start out in an escalated state where there is little or no possibility for first or second lines of defense.

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