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Domestic Dispute

So, I will ask a very pointed question regarding one of these videos based on my own experience (I think it relates enough that it doesn't deserve it's own thread but may help to continually draw out the dialogue of what these videos are trying to get us to think about).

I was walking on the street with my then fiancee and a woman comes screaming out of her complex being chased by her husband. We were in a foreign nation at that point where guns are few and far between and I could not see any weapons, but she was scared spitless and he looked angry enough to murder her. We were only maybe ten feet away when I saw him (forcibly grab her and throw her to the ground- I at this point can't remember if this happened or not) at which point I made the call to intervene and I put him to the ground while instructing bystanders to call LEO's. That was the long and short of it.

The video was pretty one or the other- call police don't engage unless threat is imminent. My gut at that point said there was imminent danger of bodily harm to that woman however there was also no way to know as once I controlled the male, she begged me to let him be (psychology of abuse baffles me).

As such, seeing that the video went from gun in hand to argument alone (it would have been interesting to me to see a pursuit issue) my situation was not as clean cut especially regarding a weapon other than the human body. What do you consider an imminent threat to another person (besides gut reaction)?
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