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Originally Posted by SlowHuck
"ten minutes 'pro bono' with a lawyer."

That's funny!

Seriously... now that we seem to have a full-fledged discussion going on, with one side stating 'get a lawyer,' and the other arguing that I have no problem, I am profoundly confused!
You are confused because you are not paying attention to what you are being told. ScottRiqui is correct. Based on what you have told us here in this thread, the law does NOT disqualify you. Your 3 days under "observation" (not "treatment") pursuant to the TDO was NOT an admission to an in-patient treatment facility. That WAS the TDO. After the TDO, you were NOT admitted anywhere for treatment, and apparently you were not involuntarily assigned to "mandatory" out-patient therapy/treatment.

Therefore, the law does not apply to you.

So far my search has yielded no local 2A friendly attorney, nor a Bar Association referral. in fact, a few that I were able to contact expressed 'no interest' in helping me!
If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, try searching Google for "legal aid." If you meet their income criteria, they'll assist you for free, or at a very low rate based on a sliding scale.

As far as my lack of anonymity, no worries. Above all else I hope that anybody else unjustly stripped of their Second Amendment rights are guided to a resolution. Hours of Googling landed me on this thread and I hope to leave a larger footprint for others to find. After all, in today's political climate, WE ALL must endeavor to protect our gun rights.
You have not been stripped of your Second Amendment rights. The law does not disqualify you, but you are not willing to apply for a permit. That's your problem, not the law's problem.
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