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Hello Aquila, mesinge2, & mavracer,,,

Hey Aquila,,,

Mags are available through the EAA website,,,
Looks like 2 for $50 or 3 for $75,,,
Not a bargain but not bad.

I do not know whether CZ mags would fit or not,,,
Being a betting man I would wager $1.00 that they won't fit.

Hey mesinge2,,,

Thanks for posting the pic of your Witness.
I noticed on the grips it says Tangfolio.

They are the original manufacturer?
EAA is only the importer?

Hey mavracer,,,

I can attest to the CZ-Kadet's accuracy,,,
Mine is capable of much more than I can wring out of it.

I know that for a fact as two of my range friends,,,
Regularly use it to whip me like a red-headed step-child.

Like I've said many times before,,,
I ain't no Annie Oakley.

One of you guys needs to buy one from Buds,,,
Then post an honest review in this forum,,,
C'mon now, you know you want one.


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