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EAA Witness 9mm/.22 LR combo,,,

A friend of mine is in love with my CZ-75B in 9mm,,,
as well as my CZ-75B Kadet in .22 LR.

But he is reluctant to spend the $1,100.00 for the pair,,,
Something about wanting his kids to have three meals a day,,,
I keep telling him they would be fine with two meals a day but he is adamant.

I don't know where this man gets his priorities.

Anyways, I stumbled on a mention of the EAA Witness 9mm/.22 LR Combo,,,
This is much more in his price range without starving his kids.

Does anyone have any experience with this combo?,,,
It looks interesting to me.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. Is it true that the EAA Witness is a CZ-75B clone?

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