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I'd recommend a Savage first and a Remington second. You'll get 'way more accuracy for your money with an Accu-trigger Savage than anything else out there. It's not uncommon to read about .3MOA accuracy out of the box, while a .5MOA Remington is more a fluke nowadays than the norm. Both guns'll easily keep you under 1MOA, and as a wise man once told me, 1MOA in the hands of a good shooter would win most state championships.

Savage has quite a few aftermarket mods available though not quite the number a Rem does; the Remington is in a class by itself though, when it comes to the number of 'reputation" gunsmiths who can tune them (to the standard of an out-of-the-box Savage).

The 'knock' on the Savage from the wannabe sniper types is that they "aren't durable and battle-worthy" but that's mostly a lot of hooey--- I've not seen any documented cases of Savage failures any more than Remingtons; "battle-worthy"(??)--the Army has had a 40yr relationship with Remington--they're not gonna drop them instantly. Retooling, parts availability, trained armourers familiar in their sleep with the 700's, are too many reasons Savage will have a hard time breaking in, but for value, I stand by Savage first, Remington second, and maybe even Winchester third, and I'd mention Browning, before a Ruger bolt action would come to mind. There's nothing inherently wrong with the Ruger except that it's just not in as great a demand, and therefore, aftermarket modifications and available *expert* 'smithing won't be as easy to find.
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