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Someone on a forum I am on posted this link and a bit about it. My first thoughts was here is another guy dreaming up some testing which has no validity whatsoever and the results will be exactly what he happens to use.

I spent some of my time in R&D as a test engineer. Testing is neither easy, simple and it has to be approached without my years on various public forums (since the late 70's when I was on ARPANET) its been a rare occasion I saw a test worth reading past the first few statements.

I am not for sure who the OP is or what he does for a living, but I can honestly say this is the best testing procedures I have seen come out of a public forum. Granted its not a control lab experiment but I would not hesitate to say his results would parallel that of a testing lab. It was not only a well developed test, excellent procedures, but the write up actually made sense and followed a well developed logical discussion of what he did.

I registered just to make this comment.

Whether you are an engineer or not you have done a fine job by any standard or measure. Thank you for your work...
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