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Question on local laws.

Hunting was banned at a city lake of ours that exist out in the county. It is not in city limits. Hunting has been allowed for decades out their so long as you used rimfires or shotguns. I suppose nothing can be done about this one.

However a sign says you cannot bring a high powered rifle onto the lake area. Now I have no intention to fire a high powered rifle on lake property but I am a bit concerned on how you can make it illegal to bring a firearm onto public land (even if it is in your vehicle) when it does not violate state or federal laws. There are no government structures on the grounds. It is owned by the city via the taxpayers.

A nearby park in town near a creekfront has a no-firearms sign as well as other newly made up rules on visitors to the park. Does this mean it is illegal for me to visit that park if I have a concealed carry permit and have a pistol concealed on me? Again the park has no administrative structures on it related to managing the city.

These new laws have been cooked up since the end of last year.

Neither public area is near a school.

This is in Central Kentucky. My town has only about 3000 people in it. It is surrounded by rural countryside dotted by the occasional subdivision.

The lake in question does not have any new construction of houses taking place anywhere near it.
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