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I think one of the most fascinating things about Ayn Rand was her inability to conclusively state her position on Gun Control. While ardent followers and those who are inspired by her works (two camps I would separate to an extent) can rationally induce that gun control on almost any level is a form of state oppression twisted from the vanity of altruistic motives, she never came out and said it.

I feel that her heritage in Soviet Russia gave her a very unfortunate perception of the original select fire intermediate cartridge rifles that our nation is fighting over now. Double that with the fact that she believed the use of force for an altruistic purpose is the greatest evil manifesting in mankind. To most clearly illustrate this "force through altruism", she used the use of a gun as a very clean and unobjectionable metaphor.

Personally, I always thought of a pistol though, not a shotgun or rifle when I read her works. Not terribly relevant or meaningful, but a curious reflection.
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