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Radny97, as far as I know, scopes once came production gloss black and that is what complemented all those traditional guns with a gloss blued finish back in the day. Traditional BLUED guns virtually look black at normal viewing distances. Look at my former Browning A Bolt II in my OP picture. The gun's barrel and receiver look as black and shiny as that gloss 1990's Leupold Vari-X II gold ring atop it. If it hadn't been for that wretched house burglary in 1999, I would have retained that same beautiful gloss Leupold for life. That Browning A-Bolt II I lost in the same house burg I'm not so sentimental about. It was Japan-made and it's fit and finish left something to be desired even in the 1990's. The gloss stock got a couple nicks during just one hunt no matter how gentle I set the rifle against something. I was most bummed out about losing BOTH my beautiful Husqvarna .308 and my Savage Model 99 in .300 Savage that were both grandpa's prized deer guns. That was a double whammy of all times.
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