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Because I wanted to know

to what extent 'traditional' gentleman's hunting rifles are still being produced. Everything "gun" looks so plastic, tuppergun and tacticool these days. I want to also see if the sad state of modern-production hunting gun finishes correlates with the dropping of GLOSS finish scopes by virtually every scope maker including Leupold. It follows logically to me that if 10% of current hunting rifles are still in traditional blue, then 10% of new scopes should also be GLOSS. Seldom does anybody use just iron sights on a bolt-action rifle anymore and a few people do put scopes on lever guns as well. For years, many bolt guns came from the factory sans iron sights. Elephant guns seem to mostly still have iron sights.

My take is that as long as hot dogs are marketed, so be will hot dog buns, sauerkraut and mustard. It seems as the scope industry has ignored the fact that there are still a few blued rifles out there, not only new ones, but older ones as well.

The one of two deer rifles I seek personally, however, are a Savage Model 99 (out of production since 1998) or a Husky bolt action (out of production for nearly 50 years). Both were originally traditional blue.
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