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Taylor's Conversion Cylinders and SASS reloading "on the clock"?

I have a pair of Colt 1861 Navy cap & ball revolvers that I was planning to use in the Frontiersman category. According to the SASS Handbook, during stages which require a single round reload "on the clock", I would load all six chambers with powder & balls, but, only cap five of the nipples, and let the hammer down on the un-capped chamber. After shooting five shots, I would cap the sixth nipple "on the clock" and fire that last shot. That all makes perfect sense to me.

Taylor's & Company makes conversion cylinders for my '61 Navies, which would allow me to fire .38 Short & .38 Long Colt and some .38 Special cartridges. (hollow base wadcutters are supposed to give good accuracy in my .375 bores) Because they would now be considered cartridge guns, I assume that I would only load five rounds & leave the hammer down on the empty chamber just like everyone else. These conversion cylinders are indeed legal for use in SASS competition, but, can only be loaded & unloaded when the revolver is disassembled. So, how in the world could I reload "on the clock" without going back to the loading table and taking the gun apart??? Perhaps, I would just accept some sort of a time penalty and always get charged with a "miss" on that last shot, even though I never fired it?

Unusually situation, Huh?
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