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Remington and a few others use faster than SAAMI twist barrels in the .243 rifles.
Anybody have any ideas why Remington went to a 1 in 9" or now, apparently 9.25"??

My personal theory is basically, "to make damn sure"...

Remington (again) badly misjudged the market with their .244 twist rate.

Gun writers were touting the .243 Winchester as a dual purpose rifle, good for varmints and deer. Winchester's .243s had a 1-10" twist, which did acceptably well with both lighter bullets and the 100/105gr "deer" bullets of the day.

Remington put a 1-12" twist in their .244 Rem, apparently with the thought it would be used as a varmint gun. The slower twist didn't stabilize "deer" bullets well, and the buying public was being told they wanted a dual purpose rifle and the .244 wasn't good at that. After the first year (or maybe 2) Remington changed the twist rate to 1 in 9", but the public had already made up their minds.

Later, when Remington "repurposed" the .244 into the 6mm Remington, they had a 1 in 9" twist. Sales improved some, but its was never going to catch the .243 in popularity.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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