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One important question is "does it have the old "dragoon" (squared back end) trigger guard, or a normal oval trigger guard?"

Those dragoon trigger guards are well known for busting your knuckles. Pachmayer makes a grip that fills that area in and there are wood grips that fill in the same area. I don't personally like rubber grips on a blued steel single action and never found them to reduce felt recoil, but for filling in that square trigger guard gap I am 100% in. (Well, actually.. I just sold that one.)

As Bob showed in pics above, grip the gun very firmly but let it roll in your hand, let it lift your arm, let it rock you back in your stance. All these actions spread the recoil out in time and you feel a strong PUSH! instead of SLAP!
Holding the thing two handed, squared off in some "combat" stance and trying to suppress that muzzle rise is for the puny 9mm stuff. Your full house .357 loads are going to feel like a "CRACK! SNAP!" while your .44 magnums will feel "BoomPUSH!" Let it rock you back. With a proper "natural stance", your gun will return to point of aim when you rock back in to position.

Unique and Cast are your friends at the range and for plinking. 7 grains Unique and 240 grains cast (or swaged if you are keeping the velocity low) loaded in to .44 magnum brass may be a real good starting load. ".44 Special" load but it is certainly no joke in any department. I would shoot a deer with that load, although you can certainly do MUCH better.

Unigue is a good powder for "cowboy" loads, I like 2400 as I move up and Lil Gun for full house hunting loads although I found for even the biggest white tails, a mid level load of 2400 under a 240g XTP is very effective. You don't really need to push the .44 Magnum above mid level for deer. It's just nice to know that elk, moose, buffalo, African game level loads are now in your reach if you want to see what the hand cannon and Lil Gun is all about. I went there then backed off, knowing that ain't no one that knows beans going to make any negative comments about .44 Special loads being "mousey".

You can enjoy a big boom, big hole, good accuracy and NOT beat yourself up too badly or annoy the crap out of the kids at the indoor range. A full house .44 Magnum load indoors will shake the dust off the lights. Wear plugs AND muffs for that.

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