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May I suggest investing in a good bull barreled, peep sighted 22 rifle. Light weight 22 rifles are just too bouncy, when shooting offhand or in the standing position --- Mine is a BSA Martini Henry bull barrel single shot --- The rifle is boringly accurate...guaranteed 1.5" m.o.a. @ 100 yards out of the box.

Once you get familiar with the rifle or bench resting it --- then leave the bench and shoot offhand or in the standing position.

'Aim small miss small' --- I like to shoot at small metallic targets with my 22 or air rifle, which gives you instant feedback on how you performed the shot.

Do 75 reps a night, by raising a heavy rifle or shotgun to your shoulder --- This exercise will help give you the proper muscle tone for shooting offhand.

I highly recommend this article by Paul Schoch: 'Dealing With Anticipation When Shooting'
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