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Start with the absolute basics.

Natural point of aim: Get into your shooting position on the rest. When you hit your natural respiratory pause (the 2-3 seconds after an exhale or before an inhale) your front sight should be exactly on target. If it is not, you are muscling the rifle into position, however minutely, and it will have an effect on the impact of the round.

Sight picture: The target should be blurry, the front sight should be 100% in focus. Once you have your natural point of aim and hit a respiratory pause, you should see a crystal clear front sight superimposed over a blurry target, with the tip of the front sight either covering or at 6 O'clock to the desired point of impact (figure out if you want a 6 o'clock hold or center mass hold when you zero)

Slow and steady trigger squeeze: When you have done all of the above, and are in a natural respiratory pause you begin your trigger squeeze. When you know your trigger well enough you can take some of the slack out as you are inhaling/exhaling. Pull it slowly straight to the rear, the break should be a surprise.

Consistency: You can practice all of those without ammo, and it will save you some money if you put 10-20 minutes in of practicing dry each day. You can get to the point where you know if it was a hit or miss when you are practicing without ammo.

Don't get frustrated, it sounds like you are already doing pretty well. Just keep it up and make everything consistent and your groups will tighten up.
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