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Learning the basics

New shooter here - turned 18 January 1st, purchased my first two long guns right after. This will definitely be a read, so please bear with me:

I would like to learn to shoot well, or at least, much better than I am now. I loaded up my NHM-91 yesterday and took to the range. I borrowed the range's spotting scope (nobody else was there) to see how I was doing at 100yds.

Using the basic irons, I was landing 25 of 30 shots on target average, from the bench and various rests. Targets were 12" circles on a large piece of background paper. All "groups" were me slowly firing 30 shots (1 or 2 seconds between shots) and seeing about how many hit the target, and how close together shots were. I use 123gr wolf steel-cased FMJ.

Groups 1 and 2 were not fired from a rest, and I was getting about 25 shots not on target, but on the paper in general. They tended to fall left and low on the paper. I adjusted my rear sight for elevation and, since I had no front sight adjusting tool, I hung right when aiming in future groups.

Groups 3 through 5 were more centered vertically, but still were generally left-of-center. Both groups were fired from sandbag rest to simulate shooting from cover. Still about the same amount of rounds (25-ish) hitting the paper, but more were hitting the actual target rather than the background.

Groups 5-8 were fired from a rifle rest. Roughly same results as 3-5, but group 7 had no misses and almost all that struck the paper were on the border of or within the target circle. Was getting dark around the time I did group number 8, so results went back to before.

From this, I can see I need to:

-Zero my rifle (especially adjust my front sight)
-Get some help. I don't know what I need to be focused on to be more accurate, nobody else in my family shoots or even owns firearms so I can't ask them.

I'm confident I can hit a man sized target at 100yds, but I want to be landing accurate shots at 300yds+ and even further if possible. This was my first time at a range with my own weapon. Before I've just gone shooting in the woods at very close ranges. Would like to master iron sights inside and out before I even think about an optic.

Any kind of input from shooters more experienced than I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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