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1. Cheap mags suck (not my personal exp, but it happened today)


3. Its legal to shoot through the barricads with a .223

4. A Beretta is a fine firearm, esp the 92G Elite II

5. Stripper clips rule!

A guy shot through the baricade with a .223 by mistake, and the 1 by 1 target stand arm never had a chance, and he hit the targets! I won' t tell names, but he might.
I think he was looking through the scope at the targets....

Never underestimate stripper clips! I had to use them because the SKS I have is still stock, with the built in 10rd mag. Everyone else had 30rd mags, and the stage was 18 rds, no reloads for anyone but me... 3rd place finish! That was using 2 pistols and the sks, but still....

Stay safe.
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