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Originally Posted by jmstr View Post

and 2-legged [email protected]@hats.
Funny you should mention them, I was tent camping on a local beach with some boaters. There was a loud party going on, on the far end of the beach & I sacked out about 10:30 that night. The party was loud & I couldn't sleep, about 11:30 I could see a shadow approaching the tent from the light of the bonfire. I grabbed my gun that I keep in a pocket holster next to an bright LED flashlight, against my side so I can feel where it is.
This [email protected]@hat decided he wanted to try to sleep on top my tent with a running belly flop on top of it.
As he hit the tent I blocked him & slammed the top of the gun in his side about three times, then pushed him off me & the tent from the inside. By the time he stopped moaning & crying about his ribs hurting, I was out of the tent with the flashlight on & the gun pointed at him.
He saw the gun, jumped up & run to the other end of the beach screaming "Don't shoot me"
We didn't have any more problem the rest of the night. LOL
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