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10-96 DNS- OK,l maybe not worded the best, but it will take one or more court cases to see the end desire of the effort. The TX bill greases the wheel, if you will.
It does nothing of the sort. Want the wheel greased? Elect people who REMOVE laws.

I'm not digging through case law on interstate commerce and 10th amendment issue, but correct me if I'm wrong- but it's not far from the groundwork that was laid in states that legalized marijuana.
Yet marijuana use and possession remains illegal under federal law. Just because a state decriminalizes an act, doesn't mean the USSC changes its view.

The HOPE there among those who support it is that the feds will see left handed luckies as being commonplace in x-number of states and we might as well de-regulate it.
No, the hope is that constituents are too dumb to realize that their legislator is pandering and engaging in political theater. And its working.

Now then, those are my thoughts, the way I understand it, and up to 1032hrs my local time, I thought I had the right to expound on my thoughts towards sound altering muzzle device issues on such a forum as this.
I don't think anyone restricted your rights to an opinion, but be prepared to back up your statements.
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