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Another good reference is Frank Barnes's CARTRIDGES OF THE WORLD. It does contain some errors and the author's comments on cartridges are his opinion, and more than a bit "dated" today, its still a fair reference.
A bit dated? That's an understatement! I was in the USMC with Frank Barnes' grandson (also named Frank Barnes, BTW), we went out to meet the old geezer, got an earful about my cartridge choices (30-30, 7X57 and 45 ACP). COW was in its 3rd printing then (1981), and it was a compilation of his opinions, good or bad. I've owned a 6th edition for about 20 years now, it looks like the 16th is the current edition. There is still a lot of his original work in the newest version, but various editors over the years have toned down his curmudgeonly comments. It's still one of the best cartridge reference books ever compiled.
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