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Hi, I have loaded thousands of 45acp rounds, I have worked up loads with a dozen or more powders. I also like a 230grain plated round nose bullet, around 850fps. I really don't notice that big of difference between small and large pistol primer, other than trying to keep them separated. One thing I had to change recently was I always seated and crimped the plated rounds in one operation and that went pretty well, some practice required. But I have been buying some powder coated RN bullets and found out that Ive been scuffing off the powder coating down to bare lead if I try to seat and crimp together. So now I am seating them all and then crimping in a separate step, it works better for me, but takes more time. I also have many worked up loads with a 200 grain plated round nose. Good luck and enjoy, 45 acp is one of my favorite to reload, I like it a lot better than loading 380acp and 9mm.
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