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Problem with the neck shot being a very small target? I read about all these super small group's guy's shoot, target size shouldn't matter that much. Ya have a 3/4" load at 100yds but at 200 yds ya need a target the size of the lungs? Someone mentioned shooting the neck shot where the neck goes into the shoulder? Well I think if the shot was taken where the neck come's out of the head margin for error goes way down and with a good shot and super accurate rifle that's a pretty good size target! How does anyone hit a sage rat at 200yds? Well that said it's been years since I've neck shot at anything! Used to and it worked very well but then people started talking about how much better the lung shot was and I bought into it. I will say his about the neck shot, at some point your 3/4" or less cartridge is going to open much wider and the lung shot become's a better high percentage shot! If your one of those guy's that thinks 400+ yd shot's are fine, I don't suggest you do much neck shooting.
Yeah, that sub minute of angle group doesn't matter a whole lot if the shooter can't keep the gun pointed where the bullet needs to go under field conditions ..... either standing on his own hind feet or gettin' into a stable position from which he can still see his target, QUICKLY ..... that tiny group was obtained from a solid bench, and the well defined paper target just stood there until everything was perfect..... seems deer never promise to do that. mine this year jumped up out of some plum bushes right in front and took off running .....
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