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A good first aid kit

I need help with this, and it is something that i have been wanting to get for too long now, a good first aid kit. My problem..and as dumb as this sounds to me, im not sure what i really need in it...their are some iteams i know i want...but not everything....

The reason i have not bought one. If i go to any major corporate store (target, fred meyer ect ect) the ones they sell are filled with bandaids, some tape, and a few cloths...and to me they look pretty useless... They look so generic its just a waste of money...

I want a kit with everything...syringes and morphine, razor blades, good bandages, strong wraps. Military medic stuff... If the kit was the size of a small pack that would be fine. Only reason i can ever see using this patricular medical first aid kit that i will be buying, is if i have to leave the house with my stuff and i might not be coming back for awhile.

I have no military background, and i wont ever have military background.

What i need to do is take a few first-aid class, but that cant happen tell winter is over.

For the time being can anyone help steer me in a direction?

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