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Charging Out

Glen and others have answered this part. Obviously hunkering down and defending one door is more tatically prudent than attempting your best chuck norris impression. The knowledge is there if you seek it. Training is always a good thing.

I am moving into a home that I will be spending some time hardening prior to doing much living there. Vermont is a don't lock your doors kinda place so these folks barley have locks.

Due to the layout of the property there is no "safe area" for everyone to congregate in. In other words the sleeping quarters are on the parimiter and the entrance is in the dead center. Anyone trying to move through the house will be an instant target and there will be no safe shot for me because the guest room will be a back drop to a shot from my bedroom.

My plan is to harden the interior security with deadbolt locks and door jammers on the bedroom doors. Instead of meeting in a common place anyone staying in my home should simply hunker down in the room they are sleeping in and wait for things to cool down.

I don't have kids so folks staying with us are usually adults anyway. If the house is vacant and we are the only people staying in our bedroom I have a very very clear area around my Bedroom to defend. In that case shooting from the bedroom into common areas is doable.
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