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One suggestion...

The intruder's best friends are twofold...dark and quiet.

It is worthwhile to have a defense in depth:

a. Ensure that your family is on the same floor. This works well, especially if you have a two-story dwelling.
b. Replace your loved one's doors with solid core outside-rated doors that can, in an emergency, be secured from the inside with a stout lock.
c. GET AN ALARM SYSTEM, a MONITORED alarm system, and USE IT.
d. Here is a unique one, and one that I think has merit: Have your home wired with a master breaker in your room. This master breaker should be able to turn on EVERY LIGHT IN THE HOUSE, GARAGE, AND OUTBUIILDINGS, if you have them. Floodlights on the outside with motion detectors are also a plus.

Imagine what a burglar would feel if suddenly the whole house lit up like a Christmas tree!

Personally, with the reinforced rooms, I would teach the family that, if the lights come on or the alarm sounds to STAY PUT, lock their doors, and DO NOT OPEN until you or your wife/husband/ significant other gives a prearranged code. Tell them also that in those situations their true name will be a duress code--if they hear you calling them BY NAME, they are to immediately call police.
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