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My "alarms" usually sleep down in the kitchen, but they have been known to have the occasional false alarm at night. Most of the time it's a bear or raccoon sniffing around the garbage shed. Sometimes I think their own bodily functions are noisy enough to wake them up.
It is always disconcerting to be awoken, but if the "alarm" doesn't shut it's self off in a reasonable amount of time I do always go down to investigate. The sheriff is probably an hour out, and the kids rooms are downstairs, so waiting isn't really an option for me.
Indeed. The problem with one of our three rapid response mobile alarm systems though, is that sometimes it will go off at 5.00AM in the morning and you have 8 seconds to respond or it will have a "system overload" all over the floor in an apparently random dispersal pattern, almost like its doing a little 'this is what you get for not letting me out' ballet about the kitchen. It also seems to go off a lot, almost in retaliation, if we head out for a quick trip and don't take it.
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