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I have a friend who lives in St Charles, and we were shooting at Article II Gun World and talking about the same thing.

He said he woke up, and his heart was RACING - beating in his chest like a drum.

We talked about how difficult it would have been to actually get a steady sight picture and s l o w l y squeeze the trigger and all that.

I had my smoke detector go off once and my heart seemed to jump out of my chest. I can just imagine what's like having your alarm go off in the middle of the night.

My friend said the same thing about zones. He had an alert that the door to the garage was open, but no alert that the garage door itself was open, and he had no other alerts so he came to the conclusion that he had a malfuctioning monitoring device.

He took his gun and went and checked it out anyway.

I know you're not suppossed to clear your house... but think of it. You've got your home alarm going off, it's probably a malfunction... you can wait 20 minutes for the police to show up and go through all that, or you can just go down there with your gun (just in case) and turn it off yourself..
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