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I have read several accounts of the Kimmel story and none say that the admiral was actually shot or wounded. The bullet penetrated the heavy glass window and struck Kimmel's jacket before falling to the floor, but the jacket was not penetrated and the admiral was not killed or wounded. Several accounts give it as a 7.7mm, while one gives it as a .50 caliber; the 7.7 story seems plausible, since no US planes were in that area firing in that direction at the time. If the bullet survives, I had not heard of it.
I agree, and the incident is shown in the movie Tora Tora Tora. The Adm was not injured, but he was "shot". It being a Jap 7.7mm slug is very plausible, but it also could have been a US round, without the actual bullet (and "chain of evidence") intact, we will never be certain.

Many civilians were wounded (perhaps some killed) during the attack, by US rounds falling on Honolulu. Ascribed to the Japanese at the time, later research proved many, if not most of the rounds came from the ships in the harbor firing at the attacking planes, and missing. Every bullet (including 5" naval shells) lands somewhere...

I also agree that a lot of the bullet hits bullet things are faked, but some aren't. The example shown looks "authentic" to me, if one assumes the casing that held the unfired bullet was lost or removed at some point.

There is a story from the Civil War (without any real proof that I have ever seen) that a bullet struck a soldier in the testicles, then struck a nurse in the lower abdomen, the nurse survived, and discovered she was pregnant, as a result of being shot! probably just a BS story, I can't say. However there are cases where truth is stranger than the wildest fiction....
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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