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16 yr old first IDPA match

I am proud to report that last Sunday, 16Oct, bamaboy, at age 16, shot his first IDPA match and the guy did just fine.

We worked w/ my G20/10mm as it was the only specimen in my arsenal of the striker fired variety which I figured would be easiest to teach . No safeties, DA/SA , decocker, etc. Thought about the S&W M27, but the DA trigger work was not conducive to accuracy. He shot the G20 much better with the 3.5 lb trigger in it. One concession was I down loaded the 10mm to about .40 S$W power. Maybe an issue at a sanctioned match, but not for the club shoot. All club members were universally glad he was there.

No safety issues, no procedurals, a clean match w/ a respectable score, (he out shot several first time adults) and the kid had a blast (pun intended). Acccuracy was acceptable and his gun handling skills looked good.

I was one proud papa, and of course, ............he wants to go again.
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