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Conical molds for cap & ball *read the 1st post*

I bought 5 lbs of lead recently and decided for some reason to start casting conicals for black powder revolvers as I can't buy them because for some reason the industry only wants to sell us round balls, I guess it's cheaper for them to make.

Anyway, I've got the Lee .450 mold and my uncle was nice enough to cast me a box of bullets a couple years ago and now I want some .375's.

There are a few molds out there, Lee is the cheapest, then there are period correct molds for the .36 Colt and .44 Johnston and Dow bullets sold by Eras Gone, and lastly Kaido's bullets that need no further introduction.

Not hunting hogs, but I do like me an effective bullet just in case.

I know the Lee bullets aren't too friendly when it comes to paper cartridges, but the Eras bullets are, so how are the Kaido bullets for use in a paper cartridge?

Not saying I'm looking for a bullet to only be used in paper cartridges, but I would like them to be compatible with them.
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