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I've owned a NAA .32acp, Seecamp .32acp and Kel Tec .32acp. all three were/are good guns. the NAA is a slightly beefed up version of the Seecamp. slide is 1 oz. heavier to handle heavier fmj rounds, sights (if you can call them that), and American style mag catch. the KT P32 felt like a toy to me and I got rid of my first one because it just didn't inspire confidence, thought I got it again in p3at which went by the way side.

I still have the Seecamp, in fact I have two .32s. I just got another KT P32 because well, it has proven itself over time in the market. the NAA is fine as well but with the Seecamp it simply doesn't fill a role for me anymore. in my opinion, if used as intended and with that kept in mind, you can't go wrong with any of the three.
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