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Yeah, I pretty much stick to XTP bullets for .380 ACP since it seems to be the only bullet design that will both reliably expand and penetrate 12" in Gel.

Supposedly .357 SIG is getting dropped because 124gr 9mm +P+ loads are capable of duplicating the performance of .357 SIG and most duty guns chambered in 9mm hold up well to +P+ anyway.
Personally, I'm not into overpressure ammo, ergo if I want better performance I opt for a more powerful cartridge rather than trying to turbocharge less powerful ammo, but that's just me. The last thing I want is a logistics nightmare in which I have overpressure loads which are only safe to fire from specific guns lying around and having to worry about keeping them sorted so that I don't accidentally load them into a gun that can't handle them.
I know that Balistics Gel is merely a tissue simulent, but until the day comes in which convicted registered sex offenders are put to good use as a testing medium for ballistics, it's the best we've got. Besides, Ballistics Gel is probably the closest thing to the sort of human sludge that typically requires the use of a firearm in self-defense.
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