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Now here's a firearm which I haven't seen nor heard much of over the past few years. For a time they were getting a bit of buzz the to the fact that they were essentially inexpensive clones of the Seecamp LWS, but before too long they were eclipsed by more modern polymer framed pocket pistols such as the Kel-Tech P32/P3AT and the Ruger LCP.

I'm honestly surprised that these aren't more popular among those with strong aversion towards polymer framed pocket pistols, as they're definitely an alternative to something like the LCP.

Furthermore, I'm surprised by how many folks consider .32 ACP inadequate for Self-Defense, yet carry NAA Mini Revolvers chambered in .22WMR, which I doubt has much more oomph than .32 ACP out of such short barrels. No disrespect towards those who carry .22WMR Mini Revolvers, I just don't understand how .32 ACP is inadequate but .22WMR out of a Mini Revolver isn't.

Come to think of it, whatever happened to those bottlenecked cartridges NAA developed, .25 NAA and .32 NAA?
I know that Balistics Gel is merely a tissue simulent, but until the day comes in which convicted registered sex offenders are put to good use as a testing medium for ballistics, it's the best we've got. Besides, Ballistics Gel is probably the closest thing to the sort of human sludge that typically requires the use of a firearm in self-defense.
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