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NAA Guardian 32 ACP Range Report

I received my new Guardian 32 ACP 2 days ago and got to the range with it today for the first time. I fired 120 rounds, a mixture of Remington FMJ, Aguila FMJ and Hornady Critical Defense. The gun fed and fired everything with no issues. As reported elsewhere, I did have a problem with stovepipes on the last round ejected. I had 3 stovepipes out of the 120 rounds fired. As you may know, the gun does not hold open when the magazine is empty so the stovepipes are not interfering with that function. But I do hope that clears up as I continue to break the gun in. I kept my targets within 20 feet and shot at various distances within that range. Accuracy was fine for a gun that tiny with no real sights. I did some slow fire and some rapid fire just to get a feel for it.

120 rounds was enough for today, this little gun punishes the hand a bit and I was ready to be done. Of course, this is not designed to be a pleasant range gun. I bought it so I have something very small to dump in my pocket when I walk or walk the dog. I feel like it will fit the bill nicely.

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