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Have to admit it was an impulse buy, $60 for 1000 projectiles... got them all sorted with a magnet for the 109's. weighed and measured a few, seem consistent.
... and this is how when things run amuck in the supply chain we are prepared. Likely 1/2 of the reloading supplies I have were not a result of me going shopping for them, they were a result of seeing what I felt was a good deal at the time and buying stuff.

Several months ago either on this forum or another someone mentioned that Nosler was selling 400 rounds of 223 Rem 40gr Trophy Grade™ Ballistic Tip® Ammo (400ct) + Free Ammo Can *** Bolt Action Only *** for something like $125 including ammo can (plastic) and shipping. The stuff is normally $212. Looking forward to trying them in my 1:12 bolt gun. Each 10 rounds is in a nice plastic holder. I sure as heck did not wake up that morning planning to buy 400 rounds of 223 but hey, couldn't say no and that's how it goes.

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