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Originally Posted by USNRet93 View Post
The 'Golden Rule' has been around for thousands and thousands of years..
Originally Posted by zukiphile View Post
The Golden Rule might require many things including:

B. Roberts question is "Why should we help gun owners who support gun control?" These are people who already support a restriction. Does helping one of them enable that person to support a restriction, or to support it more effectively? Does helping one of them offer a promise that they would be less inclined to support such a restriction?
From how I took it, the help requested as stated in the OP had nuttin' to do with gun control, but with something else the OP is proficient in/with. That is why I said, the question is a complex one. I don't know what the needed help was. I know I help folks out in the reloading section here in hopes they don't blow their fingers off, and I do so without asking how they stand on gun control. Could be something as simple as this.

The parable I mentioned was not about the Golden Rule, but The parable of the Good Samaritan.
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