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No one gives much thought to flat trajectory anymore. Out to 300 yards pretty much every modern bottle neck cartridge with a decent pointed bullet doesn't drop enough to require any real hold over. With a 100 yard zero you're going to hit big game in the kill zone at 300 if you hold just an inch or 2 over the back with just about any cartridge/bullet combo.

Beyond 300 you NEED a range finder with any of them. At 400 yards the difference in bullet drop between a 308 and a 300WM is only about 7". About 20" vs 27" with a 100 yard zero.

But the difference between 350 and 400, or 400 and 450 is 8-10". If you don't have a range finder and GUESS the animal is 400 yards when in reality it is either 350 or 450 then you're going to be off by 8-10" with either a 308 or a 300 WM. With a range finder it isn't any harder to make those hits with a 308 than a 300 WM.
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