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Shot the BuckStalker today!

Placed an order for a Traditions Buckstalker at LGS and shot it today. I have the model with the cammo stalk, stainless barrel and scope already attached. In fact it doesn't come with open sights. It was bore sighted at the factory. Today at 25 yards, off a sandbag rest the first shot was in the middle of the red. Could not ask for better. Half a dozen shots later I had a nice three inch group. I'm thinking the variance is me not the gun. Am shooting 100 grains of pyrodex with a 250 grain smackdown sabot. Will take it to field and shoot some longer distances this week. Muzzle loader deer weekend in IL coming up and I'm gonna be ready. Sorry I don't have a pic. Will try to remember to take some this week when I shoot some distance.

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