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NRA_guy I am 73 years old and interested in getting a suppressor for a .22 LR handgun.

As I understand, I must first pay for and order a suppressor, and have it delivered to my local FFL dealer who can legally hold it while my Form 4 is cleared by the ATF and FBI.

And from what I read, that FBI clearance can take a year or more. The FBI web site says that ANY issue with approval gets your background check put at the bottom of the "when we get around to it" stack.
Average wait is 8-10 months, in the last year the government shutdown affected those times.

My normal instant background checks for gun purchases have consistently incurred a delay of an hour or two, but eventual approval. (I got a CCW permit to eliminate that hassel.)
Does your state contact FBI NICS directly or is the NICS check run by a state agency?

Security and law enforcement folks also are unable to get "acceptable" electronic scanned finger prints from me. They say that it is a common problem with old guys.
I've scanned plenty of "old guy" prints with no rejections.

So I assume that my Form 4 will go to the bottom of FBI's stack and take a year or more to clear---if it ever clears.
Your fingerprints aren't run by the FBI.

Question 1: What happens if I have a paid for suppressor sitting in my FFL dealer's safe for over a year and I die during that time?
It remains your property, so it would be part of your estate. The time to plan is now. The dealer could not transfer without ATF approval.

Question 2: What happens to my suppressor if during the waiting period, the FFL dealer goes out of business and/or files bankruptcy?
The silencer remains yor property, but cannot lawfully be transferred until ATF approves the Form 4. If the dealer goes out of business, contact ATF immediately as they can assist with the transfer of NFA firearms.

Question 3: What happens to my suppressor if the FBI never, ever approves my background check because they do not like my finger prints and nobody can get a decent set of prints from me?
The FBI doesn't run a FP check. ATF keeps those. If you cannot get a proceed from the FBI, your Form 4 goes into the pile awaiting further review by a Document Examiner.....and that takes time. Unlike Title I firearms, there is nor option for " three business day delay". Must be a "proceed".

By the way:

The ATF web site says: "The fingerprint cards must be completed by your local law enforcement authority."
No it doesn't. You are looking at the requirement for an FEL (Federal Explosives License).

The Form 4 instructions say: "The fingerprints must be clear for accurate classification and taken by someone properly equipped to take them."
"Properly equipped" = ATF NFA fingerprint cards and an ink pad.
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