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Would mirage be affected by magnification?
It is definitely more apparent at higher magnifications.

I would try it first thing in the morning, it doesn't have to be at the range, you should be able to test it looking at something a couple hundred yards away out your window at home.

Cheaper glass shows it's colors when the magnification goes higher.
The Nikon is hardly a cheap scope, it looks to be discontinued, but the street price I can see from older listings in in the $600 range. If it is truly getting blurry above 12X, then there is something wrong with it, and it should go back to Nikon under their lifetime warranty.

Manufacturing technology has come a long way, and even "cheap" scopes have decent optics anymore. I have a Vortex 6-24x50 Crossfire I paid like $125 for and it is perfectly clear at 24X.

The idea that you need to spend $2000 for a scope to shoot long range is simply wrong. Like I said, I have shot IPSC targets at 1K yards with a 3.5X PU from 1943. This is only 708 yards, but again, not difficult, even with crappy surplus ammo that only holds about 2.5 MOA. With handloads it is much easier, especially now I have had more experience with the BDC dial on the scope. If I shot that today, I would be surprised if I didn't get a first round hit.
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