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I don't know anything about Sightron, but the price point seems to be about the same as the Leupold you are looking at. I have no doubt that if I have a problem with a Leupold in 20 years, they will still be around to fix it. Will Sightron?

To clarify something, you said:
I'm currently using my ol' Nikon Monarch 6-24x50mm, but the view gets a bit blurry after going past 12x on the magnification.
Are you sure that isn't mirage? Does it look the same on a cold day as it does on a hot day? Have you looked through other high magnification scopes in the same conditions?

Nikon has a lifetime warranty, while not a $2000 scope, the Nikon is by no means a cheap scope, and I would take advantage of that.
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