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As long as you use a ball or conical that seals the chamber and have a proper fitting cap on the nipples, you should be fine. The lube/grease concerns are worth noting tho and what I would do is use a cardboard disc in between the powder and a lubed wad, that way if temps go up and the grease starts running, it's contacting the cardboard.

Also, even if some lube does get past that cardboard disc, it's not like it's touching all the powder, just that which is nearest to it. Remember, the powder will be compressed, it'd take an awful lot of lube to affect the powder.

One thing I would do is store it in a cool, dry place. Expose it to as little heat as possible and it should be able to fire for many years after storing.

I wouldn't worry over cylinder corrosion, even if it did happen you can buy another cylinder easy.
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