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I used to extra-legal carry.

I kept my nose clean, obeyed the traffic laws, kept it CONCEALED and acted normal.

Ask yourself - have you ever seen someone you thought was carrying? Odds are you have - but didnt know it.

It was nerve wracking at first - I looked in the mirror a lot and just went on short trips outside and whatnot.

It did not take long for me to realize that the way I carried myself and the way I looked went a long way towards making people think I was a noraml, respectable person.

I did it at the time because we were young and poor and lived in a very rough area - I was basically carrying all the time I was not at work.

I got pretty good at knowing how I could move and how I should not move how to unobtrusively adjust the BHP in the IWB holster (slightly offset to the strong side)

There were a few times when I was sitting in a restaurant and some cops would come in and sit in the booth right next to us - and completely ignore the young, law abiding couple next to them...

A few times, I went into the bathroom and removed it, wrapped it in my coat (very securely) and took my "coat" out to the car - cant remember the circumstances though.

Also - the most worrysome situation was that someone would bump me and feel it - or that we would meet some friends or family and someone would try to hug me. My close family knew I carried, but some others didnt.

Never had a situation, but it is something that you are aware of 100% you can't ever be comfortable wearing a pistol - especially if it is extra-legal - if you get comfy, you make a mistake.

Once, I took off my coat and it caught the hammer and pulled the gun and holser out and they flopped on the floor right in front of my Mother-in-law - who did not know that I carried until that moment

But she is cool
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