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The two guns that get the most action on my property are both single shots, a Mag Tech 410 shotgun and a Stevens Favorite 22 lr. They have accounted for lots of dead critters.

If I'm going after a coyote I carry my Mini-14 or my scoped Kimber bolt action rifle. Both are 223. Another critter-gitter favorite is the 221 Fireball Rem 700 rifle. It has claimed lots of crows and a few ground hogs.

I've been thinking about having the Stevens Favorite converted to a 22 mag just to have one. Other 22s lr's are a Ruger 10/22 and a CZ 455. The wife is liking the idea of more than a single shot and recently she's been going for the 10/22.

Just in the past two weeks the 410 was used on 3 large snakes and a raccoon. A coyote got 3 of our chickens. I hope to take him out this weekend.
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